Join us on Wednesday, July 4th for our Uniform Sale.

The Green Schools Programme in our school promotes composting, recycling, lessening package waste, encourages walking to school, growing vegetables, reusing rainwater. This benefits the school, the environment, children’s wellbeing and health and parents financially.
It also includes the book rental scheme which reduces mass production and dumping of paper and benefits everyone financially.

Now for something NEW!!!

We’d like to make our school even greener by setting up a pop-up shop for our uniforms & tracksuits. We’re asking all parents to encourage their girls to donate their uniforms & tracksuits to the pop-up shop. Donations can be handed in between 9am-2.30pm from now until 3rd July. we also encourage you to support the shop at the school for our sale day on the 4th of July 10am – 3pm.

* All uniforms must be washed and in good condition *


– Cardigans €3
– Skirt €2
– Pinafore €3
– Tracksuit Bottoms €5
– Tracksuit Tops €5

*All Proceeds Go Towards Classroom Resources *